Expenditure Department

Head of Department
Magdalini Fragkou-Alexopoulou

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Directorate of Financial Management
Expenditure Department
Administration Building “K. Karatheodori”, 5th floor
University Campus
54124  Τhessaloniki


+30 2310 995137
+30 2310 995162
+30 2310 997241
+30 2310 995157
+30 2310 997260
+30 2310 995145
+30 2310 995147
+30 2310 995158
+30 2310 995119

Key responsibilities of the Department include:

  • checking the expenditures of the regular budget of the Aristotle University, issuing relevant payment orders and distributing them to the assessor service, distributing the authenticated payment orders to the contracted bank and monitoring the payment – payee notice,
  • issuing prepayment orders, monitoring already given payment orders and distributing the required documents to the assessor service,
  • keeping accounting officer books,
  • examining the documents required,
  • credit opening of external payment orders and administering credit and document control,
  • dissociating, processing and filing payment orders, vouchers and other statements,
  • managing the relevant correspondence, keeping the books related to orders and cheques processing
  • filing documents and safeguarding the archive of the assessor service of the Court of Auditors,
  • extracting information from the archive in order to issue certificates, experience certificates and other documents,
  • keeping back issues of the Government Gazette,
  • printing and getting handouts.
Administrative Staff: 
Panagiotis Theologidis
Alexandros Leonidou
Evangelia Ntokou
Charilaos Chatzipantelis
Sylvia Vangeloglou
Dimitrios Poulios