Procurement Department

Head of Department
Evangelia Kouliakioti

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Assets and Procurement Directorate
Procurement Department

Administration Building “K. Karatheodori”, 3rd floor
University Campus
54124  Thessaloniki


+30 2310 996871
+30 2310 996903
+30 2310 991167
+30 2310 996573
+30 2310 996886
+30 2310 996907
+30 2310 996907

Key responsibilities of the Department include:

  • implementing the annual procurement programme, following the process determined in the relevant provisions; that is, carrying out all the necessary processes for the procurement of research or building equipment and expendable goods, as well as
  • undertaking various tasks (not projects), such as renting property, hiring cars, dealing with transferring supplies, selling materials, taking care of customs clearance, etc.
Administrative Staff: 
Apostolos Chatzitriantafyllou
Christos Machairas
Dimitra Ntasoudi
Kyriakoula Stavrakidou-Tragianou