Survey Department


Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Directorate of Survey and Construction
Survey Department
Administration Building “K. Karatheodori”, 8th floor
University Campus
54124 Thessaloniki

+30 2310 996854
+30 2310 996810

Key responsibilities of the Department include:

  • dealing with issues related to plans for the construction of new buildings and other facilities, such as designing the layout of buildings and preparing physical development plans and master plans,
  • conducting various surveys, such as architectural, structural engineering, electrical engineering, topographic (land) surveys, etc., which concern open spaces, building facilities, infrastructure and specifications of equipment,
  • monitoring, reviewing and validating the above surveys, when these are carried out by private agencies or individuals,
  • submitting reports, questions and recommendations to the Technical Council and the Supervising Authority with regards to issues that fall within its competence.
Administrative Staff: 
Anna Chrysanthopoulou
Styliani Tzanaki
Maria Pagkalou
Maria Androulidaki
Efstratios Mouratidis
Olga Karamichali
Sotiroula Tsaroucha
Maria-Theodosia Lykopoulou
Menelaos Koutros