The Linked-AUTh action is about the publication of AUTh open data via the principles of Linked Data. It is part of the Linked Universities initiative where AUTh is already a member together with many European universities, such as Southampton University, Open University UK and the University of Münster which play a leading role in the field of Linked Data worldwide.
The aim is to utilize the wealth of the electronic data of AUTh, for the presentation, promotion and exploitation of the research and educational work of AUTh. To implement the above the  SWU is already creating the semantic infrastructure of AUTh as an indispensable framework within the global Semantic Web – Web3.0 and the Linked Data Cloud on the Internet. The vision of Linked-AUTh is, through the semantic representation and the linking of datasets of AUTh, to create a smart digital ecosystem with multiple benefits for the university and the society also. These benefits include:

  • Transparency and social control
  • Participation and self-empowerment
  • Optimization of new products and services
  • Encouraging innovation
  • Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of services
  • Strengthening procedures for internal and external evaluation of the academic units of the university
  • Discovery, accumulation and utilization of new knowledge by combining different sources in large volumes of data.

Publication of AUTh's open data as Linked Open Data enables students, researchers, teachers and enterprices and other entities to create new model applications, combining data from all over the Web 3.0. Cloud.
Today the following search and processing capabilities of Linked-AUTh indicative datasets are available on a pilot operation basis:

  1. Search for educational and professional oportunities for students (scholarships),
  2. Search for  research projects at AUTh,
  3. Search for scientific publication of AUTh's faculty members

The details for the technical implementation of the above datasets in the form of Linked Data are given at the corresponding section of the SWU website and specifically through, and respectively.