"Percorsi aristotelici" - “Aristotelian paths”

The Section of Latina of the Italian Philosophical Society (named “Feronia”), organizes a celebration of the Anniversary Year of Aristotle entitled “Percorsi aristotelici” (“Aristotelian paths”) on March 30, 2017.

Each of the lecturers (Maria Letizia Parisi, Riccardo Chiaradonna, Enzo Bonacci, Donato Maraffino, Antonino Zaffiro, Giuseppe Beretta, Rita Forcina) deepens an aspect of the huge legacy of the great Greek philosopher. The conference moderator is Sonia Cerroni and the venue is the auditorium of the Scientific High School “G.B. Grassi” in
Latina. At the end of the lectures, the registered participants areinvited to visit the Planetarium of Latina “Livio Gratton”.

Event Programme
Abstract of Mr. Enzo Bonacci's lecture
Lecture by Enzo Bonacci 


Συνημμένα αρχεία
Πληροφορίες συνεδρίου/ημερίδας
Ημερομηνίες διεξαγωγής: 
Thursday, 30 March, 2017 - 10:30
Liceo Scientifico Statale G. B. Grassi - Latina (Auditorium)
Οργάνωση συνεδρίου/ημερίδας
“Feronia” (Italian Philosophical Society – Section of Latina)