Internal Regulation

Each Higher Education Institution in Greece draws up the Internal Regulation which governs its organization and operation, and includes the provisions mentioned below.
The Internal Regulation defines the procedures to be followed for the administrative operation and organization of the institution, the implementation of rules, and the imposition of sanctions on those who violate or do not fully conform to relevant laws.
Among others, the Internal Regulation determines:

  1. The organization of the operation of the higher education institution at an academic, administrative and economic level.
  2. The rules governing the operation of the councils and committees of the higher education institution.
  3. The procedures and requirements regarding the appointment of faculty members.
  4. The duties, rights and responsibilities of the members of the academic community.
  5. The duties, responsibilities and rights of students.
  6. The procedure and the jurisdictions of the bodies responsible for monitoring the implementation of enacted rules.
  7. The undergraduate and postgraduate studies regulation.
  8. Provisions regarding the in-service training and further education of all categories of the staff of the higher education institution.
  9. The procedures regarding the provision of social services to students.
  10. The provisions regarding the honorary academic titles awarded by the institution.
  11. The university public relations protocol and policies, which all staff should adhere to.

The present Internal Regulation of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki was drawn up by the Senate of the Aristotle University during its meeting no. 2718/5-7-2000, and was approved by the decision of the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, Culture and Sports (no. 1.231/Β1/425/25-8-2000), published in the Government Gazette 1099/5-9-2000 issue Β’.

The Regulation currently implemented includes the amendments ordered by the ministerial decision 129201/Β1, published in the Government Gazette 1562/13-12-2002 issue Β’, and the ministerial decision 60210/Β1, published in the Government Gazette 1517/11-10-2004 issue Β’.

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