Research Committee

The Research Committee, AUTh operates in accordance with the 679/96 Joint Ministerial Decision on the establishment of a “Special Account for Research Grants” (S.A.R.G.) for funding research projects conducted in Greek Higher Education Institutions and Higher Technological Education Institutions, and in compliance with national and European legislation. It is responsible for the financial management of research projects and activities carried out at the university.
The aim of the Special Account is to distribute and manage funds which cover any kind of expenditure and are necessary for research, educational training, and technological development. The Special Account also concerns funds for continuing education projects, projects for the provision of scientific, technological and artistic services, for studies, the implementation of tests, measurement, laboratory tests and analyses, for the provision of expert opinions, the drawing up of specifications, as well as other related services or activities that contribute to linking research and education with industrial production, and are provided or carried out by the research personnel of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in collaboration with the academic staff of other institutions.
The Research Committee is responsible for managing research projects and related activities, covering current emerging needs, distributing external funds, and safeguarding the distinction between research and teaching. A number of faculty members elected by the General Assemblies of the Schools, which equals the number of the Schools of the Aristotle University, attend the plenum meetings of the Research Committee.
Key responsibilities of the Research Committee include:

  • mapping out the research policy of the university, and relevant activities,
  • accepting, approving, distributing funds for the implementation of projects,
  • drawing up annual economic and research plans and reports,
  • ensuring the smooth running of the “Special Account”.

The Registrar’s Office is the administrative-organizational body of the Special Account and its responsibilities include:

  • developing management accounting systems to control finances effectively,
  • implementing decisions reached by the Research Committee and offering secretarial services,
  • submitting proposals and enhancing cooperation with regards to the running and development of the “Special Account”.

Implementing a quality policy that helps improve the internal organization of the research units of the university in accordance with international models and the demands of contemporary society, as well as implementing an excellence policy that provides the research personnel of the university with moral and, to a lesser extent, material incentives, the Research Committee of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki promotes a range of activities mainly with regards to:

  • Granting scholarships to doctoral candidates and postdoctoral researchers
  • Enhancing research in the Humanities and other disciplines
  • Supporting lecturers and assistant professors
  • Organizing and operating an office of technology transfer
  • Organizing educational seminars addressed to faculty members on how to write research proposals
  • Organizing conferences-events held at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
  • Updating infrastructure and communication networks necessary for research
  • Certifying laboratories
  • Promoting the mobility of researchers.

For more information on research projects, visit the website of the Research Committee, AUTh

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