Postgraduate Studies

Postgraduate studies today constitute an essential extension to Tertiary Education and play a decisive role in the achievement of educational, cultural, social and economic goals of many universities. Aiming at broadening and underpinning the knowledge offered to university graduates in specific disciplines of the arts and sciences, the Postgraduate Studies Programmes have been structured and are offered in most of the Faculties/Schools of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, that award either a Postgraduate Diploma (Master’s Degree) or a Doctorate Diploma (PhD).
Currently, there are many Postgraduate Study Programmes operating in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, among which there are some Inter-departmental and Inter-institutional ones, and also some in collaboration with other universities in Greece and abroad. There is an appropriate body for recognition of a foreign University degree and that is the Inter-University Center for Recognition of Foreign Academic Titles.
Studying in a Postgraduate Study Programme leading to a MSc degree requires at least one (1) full academic year, namely two (2) semesters, and cannot last more than two (2) full academic years, i.e., four (4) semesters.
At Aristotle University of Thessaloniki there are Postgraduate Studies Programmes (Masters) that also lead to awarding Doctorate Diplomas (PhD).  The Doctorate Dissertation is an option in most Faculties/Schools, either as part of the Postgraduate Studies Programmes or independently by the Faculty/School that does not offer the Postgraduate Study route.
The PhD thesis must be completed in no fewer than three (3) and in no more than six (6) full academic years from the date of appointment of the three-member advisory committee.
The rights and responsibilities of the postgraduate students, the services provided for them, the scholarships granted, the academic calendar etc. are all mentioned in the Postgraduate Programme Internal Regulation of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, as well as in the respective Internal Regulation for the Postgraduate Study Programmes of each Faculty/School and, of course, in the webpage of the Department of Studies.
General Admission requirements
Admission to the Postgraduate Studies Programmes is regulated today by Article 4 of the Gov.Law 3685/2008.
The 1st cycle of Postgraduate Study Programmes accepts graduates of Greek Higher Education Institutions or recognized foreign institutions of equivalent status. The admission process is described in the relevant Internal Regulation for the Postgraduate Study Programmes of each Faculty/School.
Applicants that wish to be admitted to PhD Study Programmes (3rd cycle) must hold a MSc degree (or other equivalent) and they must satisfy all the requirements defined in the respective Internal Regulation for each Postgraduate Study Programme.
In exceptional cases it is possible for a student to become admitted to a PhD programme without holding an MA, mentioned in the relevant Internal Regulation, after a legitimate and documented decision of the Faculty/School. In this case, the PhD student will have to successfully attend and complete a courses cycle as mandated by the Faculty/School.
For further information, the Postgraduate candidates should contact directly the Faculty or School of their choice.
Due to the increasing emphasis that has been placed in informing the students and pre diploma undergraduates of the Postgraduate Studies Programmes at Aristotle University, the Department of Studies has made available information pertaining to studies in Greece and abroad. The students who are interested in further information on Postgraduate Studies at Aristotle University can visit the Department of Studies, that is located in the Karatheodoridi’s Building.
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