General Directorate of Financial Services

Aikaterini Patkou

+30 2310 995151

  • Key responsibilities of the General Directorate of Financial Services include dealing with the following orders, decisions and documents:

    1. The documents addressed to various Ministries about issues related to the General Directorate of Financial Services.
    2. The required processes for promoting and solving issues which fall within the competence of the services it consists of.
    3. The documents addressed to the Court of Auditors, which are related to the objections expressed regarding the attestation of payment orders.
    4. The documents addressed to the Greek Consulates with regard to the hospitalization of employees abroad.
    5. The payment orders and prepayment orders for expenditures, as well as the relevant documents.
    6. The check endorsements of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
    7. Invitations to tenders, announcements and contracts related to commissions and services of the Aristotle University, covering the approved amount of money provided for the publication of official E.U. publications.
    8. The payment orders for the expenditures and the corresponding documents related to financial endowments and donations to the Aristotle University.
    9. Orders regarding the mobility of faculty members in Greece and abroad in order to participate in conferences, exchange programmes, and interuniversity agreements, conduct research, represent a Faculty/School or the Aristotle University in general, as well as carry out tasks, when the costs are covered by the university.
    10. The documents addressed to the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, Culture and Sports, other ministries and agencies.
    11. The decisions regarding covering costs that amount up to 100,000.00 euros (without VAT).

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