Senate Secretariat

Paraskevi Nitsiou

+30 2310996649, 996876, 996875, 996879, 996878, 996877, 996882, 996650, 996891

  • Key responsibilities of the Senate Secretariat include:

    • Managing the process for the composition of the Senate each academic year.
    • Dealing with the activities required to formulate the Senate committees.
    • Collecting, preparing and elaborating on the issues that fall within the competence of the Senate, the Senate of Special Composition and the Dean’s / Ethics Committee.
    • Examining and dealing with all matters related to the Graduate Studies Programmes of the University.
    • Processing the “guide” which students interested in postgraduate studies are provided with.
    • Managing and filing the recommendations of the Dean’s Committee and distributing copies of them to the members of the Senate or the Senate of Special Composition.
    • Keeping the minutes of the meetings of the above collective bodies, transcribing, examining and recording the minutes, as well as ensuring they are certified by the relevant bodies.
    • Recording and implementing the decisions of the abovementioned bodies.
    • Keeping the archive of the minutes and organizing it by collective body and academic year.
    • Providing secretarial support with regard to issues related to the collective bodies of non-independent Schools, such as: examining and dealing with all the processes of the non-independent Schools which, pursuant to the provisions of their institutional laws or presidential decrees, are approved by the Senate (constituting a temporary General Assembly, announcing vacancies for faculty members, Special Laboratory Teaching Personnel, and Special Technical Laboratory Personnel, forming electoral bodies, dealing with the election and placement process of members of the Special Laboratory Teaching Personnel, and the Special Technical Laboratory Personnel, etc.).
    • Dealing with recruitment processes for Special Laboratory Teaching Personnel and Special Technical Laboratory Personnel (announcing vacancies, appointing committees of recommendation, dealing with the election and placement process) of the academic units which are supervised by the Senate, such as the University Gym, the School of Modern Greek Language, the Centre for Foreign Language Teaching, etc.
    • Distributing (electronically or in print) the recommendations of the committees, of the Dean’s / Ethics Committee, of the Rector’s Council, etc., to the members of the Senate, to the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki units, etc.
    • Processing and announcing, whenever necessary, the decisions of the Senate.
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