Conference “Aristotle’s Heritage in the Context of Armenian Culture (Aristotelian Readings)” -Yerevan State University

Letter from the Rector of Yerevan State University, Armenia.

“We are pleased to hear about the UNESCO proclamation of 2016 as “Aristotle Anniversary Year” because of the important role of Aristotle, the great philosopher and scientist of the ancient world, not only for the civilized world, but also and especially for the Armenian civilization and thinking culture.

As all we know, relations between Aristotle’s mind and Armenian thought are profound and long-lasting. Aristotle’s written heritage was a source for inspiration for many generations of Armenian philosophers, scientists and theologians. Many works of the great thinker were translated into classical Armenian, many of them were commented and taught in the medieval Aemenian schools and universities. The s-called “external” scientific direction of Armenian thought was essentially influenced by Aristotle and many important actors of Armenian educational and cultural sphere studied his works. Armenian school of logic was established around Aristotle’s ideas; and his impact is significant for the formation of Armenian philosophical terminology.

Presence of Aristotle in the framework of Armenian theoretical thought is documented in many manuscripts during the last 1500 years, since the establishment of the Armenian Philhellenic School. This written heritage has been under scientific scrutiny during the last centuries but still there is a huge amount of manuscripts and authors influenced by Aristotle to be investigated.

We are glad to inform you that the Department of Philosophy and Psychology of YSU is going to organize a conference commemorating the “Aristotle Anniversary Year”. The will take place on the 2l’t of October 2016 under the title: “Aristotle’s Heritage in the Context of Armenian Culture (Aristotelian Readings)”. We hope that the conference will bear bear the spirit of scientific profoundness and the sense of close interconnection between the Greek and Armenian cultures.

Wishing you the great Aristotle-2400 year.

Prof. Aram Simonyan

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