Webinar on “In Situ and Operando Electron Microscopy: Exploring Real-Time Nanoscale Phenomena”

The lab network Nanoscopy-GR (https://nanoscopy.web.auth.gr), which is coordinated by the Laboratory of Electron Microscopy and Structural Characterization of Materials (https://elmiclab.web.auth.gr) of the School of Physics AUTH, is organizing a webinar on:

In Situ and Operando Electron Microscopy: Exploring Real-Time Nanoscale Phenomena

on Thursday 11 April 2024 (start time 11:00 EEST).

The webinar program is attached.

The zoom link is:
Passcode: 201631

In situ and in operando electron microscopy are powerful techniques that allow scientists to observe the behavior of matter under real-world conditions. Unlike traditional electron micro-/nanoscopy, where samples are static and in vacuum, these methods introduce gases, liquids, or electrical fields, temperature variations, and mechanical stresses, while the microscope is running. This enables researchers to see how materials change with temperature, during chemical reactions, or under electrical or mechanical stress. This real-time information is crucial for developing new materials and understanding materials function at an atomic level. In the webinar, modern developments and application of in situ/operando electron micro/nanoscopy will be presented by distinguished researchers. The webinar is organized under the auspices of the Hellenic Microscopy Society with the support of EEA Grants Greece.

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