University Forest in Pertouli

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  • The University Forest in Pertouli, Trikala, is a publicly owned forest estate. It is located in the Pindos Mountain Range, and extends from the western slopes of Koziakas Mt. to the northeastern slopes of Boudoura Mt. at an altitude of about 3,608.92 to 5,577.42 feet (latitude 390 32′ – 39ο 35′ and longitude 210 33′- 21ο 38′). It covers and area of 3,296.59 hectares, of which 2,361.83 hectares are wooded or partly wooded (with fir and pine trees, etc.), 168.22 hectares of bare and barren land, 583.71 hectares of mountain grassland, 114.00 hectares of flat grassland and 68.83 hectares of other types of land (fields, settlements, etc.).

    Self-seeded hybrid fir trees dominate the area, while there are also small clumps of beech trees, oak trees, maple trees, ostrya trees, juniper trees, cedar trees, lime trees, willow trees, etc. Black, scotch and leucodermis pine trees, spruce trees and thuja trees have been planted in the forest as well. The area is also home to a wealth of fauna, including roe deer, hares, wolves, foxes, brown bears, etc. As far as birds are concerned, there are mountain partridges, woodcocks, hawks, etc., which attract hunters who hunt within the “Controlled Hunting Area of Koziakas Mt.”

    In order to manage the forest properly, the area is orographically structured and divided into 9 zones (Braiko, Vathi, Koromilia, Calderimi, Lyxa, Koziakas, Viga, Liopeika and Glapatsa). Forest products include pine round logs with intact bark or without bark (up to two meters long), round timber (two meters long), as well as firewood. A number of measures are taken to protect the forest, while one of the goals set is to achieve maximum sustainable yield.

    There are also buildings facilities, which cover an area of 0.6 hectares, where students of the Faculty of Forestry and Natural Environment are provided with theoretical and practical training in forest management and research. The density of the forest road network, which is maintained annually, is about 25m/ha. Many technical works (drains, reservoirs, etc.) have been carried out so far.

    There is also a ski centre with a 1,100m run of medium difficulty, and a lift which carries 172 skiers up the slope in 13 minutes. It does not harm the environment and it contributes to the economic development of the area. Visitors can also enjoy their meals outdoors in the region of Agia Kiriaki. There are plans to build a Forest Museum like the one already in operation in the University Forest in Taxiarchis.

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