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  • The Administration and Management Fund of the Aristotle University Farm was founded pursuant to a law voted in 1936, with the aim to provide the necessary material and technical infrastructure for, and support the teaching and research activities carried out at the Faculty of Agriculture of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. It is an independent legal entity of public law, supervised by the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, Culture and Sports. The University Farm is located near “Macedonia” Airport, on the east side of the city (12km from the city centre).

    The University Farm is where students of the Faculty of Agriculture are provided with laboratory workshops to reinforce lecture material, as well as where almost all experimental projects are conducted by undergraduate and postgraduate students, where research is carried out by faculty members, and where internship takes place. Since it was founded in 1936, several thousand students of the Faculty of Agriculture have been trained in its facilities. However, located both in the main campus and the farm, the building facilities of the Faculty of Agriculture are not sufficient to meet current needs. Thus, plans provide for the construction of new buildings that will enable the relocation of the Faculty of Agriculture to the premises of the University Farm.

    The Farm covers an area of about 180 hectares. It consists of experimental fields, livestock, as well as model agricultural and husbandry units. There are also 21 buildings, including sports facilities. Two of the above buildings (classical stone buildings) are used throughout the academic year for events held by the Faculty of Agriculture, such as seminars, workshops and conferences, while the other buildings, which are part of the Faculty of Agriculture, are used by its laboratory personnel for the teaching and research activities carried out. Moreover, there are various types of machinery and equipment, as well as livestock farming facilities, and facilities for processing plants and animal products. It should be noted that part of this area has

    • Anastasios Lithourgidis
    • Antonios Gkaidatzis
    • Panagiotis Tsakmakis
    • Georgios Pepas
    • Dimitrios Koutmas
    • Ioannis Ouzounis
    • Stavros Tsialmpouris
    • Anestis Sotiriadis
    • Efstathios Tsoulfas
    • Sokratis Papadopoulos
    • Foteini Kantounatou
    • Panagiotis Koutsikos
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