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  • The IT Center of AUTH is responsible for all network and computing infrastructure, the electronic services of the university, as well as the support of university users. Its activities cover the planning, development, procurement, management, security and maintenance of these ICT resources.

    The IT Center’s mission is to enable students, faculty and staff to accomplish their daily work by making optimal use of the available ICT resources of AUTH. As the core ICT unit in AUTH, we are dedicated to serving the IT needs of our users. We continuously innovate our infrastructure and provide services that expand teaching and learning, provide computing resources to enable research, support the administrative needs of the academic community, and maintain a secure and reliable ICT infrastructure 24X7.

    The IT Center evolved through the merge of 4 legacy ICT centers, namely the Network Operations Center, the Information Technology Center, the Telecommunications Center and the Scientific Computing Center under the decision of the AUTH Senate on 4th of July 2012.

    The fundamental responsibilities of the IT Center are:

    • Wired and wireless broadband connection among computers at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, and Internet connectivity
    • Virtual server infrastructure and storage
    • Computer labs and administration of the Central Computer Lab at the main Library Building
    • Identity management, Directory Services, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), webpage hosting , central computer backup
    • Student and Faculty Information Systems
    • Supporting the national Textbooks services EVDOXOS and Student ID services (PASO)
    • Learning Management Systems
    • Basic network services (AUTH e-mail, personal webpages, WiFi, personal digital certificates)
    • Advanced network services, such as Voice over IP, video broadcast, video conferencing
    • Software distribution
    • Management and supervision of the main Computer Lab of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, located in the Central Library building
    • Access to central computer systems
    • Monitoring of equipment maintenance contracts
    • Providing support to the Administration of the University with regards to quality assurance issues, statistical reports, internal evaluations, etc.
    • Advanced digital telephony services and voice-mail
    • Administration of the dedicated e-learning/video conferencing rooms of the University
    • Providing scientific computing services at an institutional, national and international level
    • Developing and administering the operation of computing infrastructure and tools for scientific data management and applications
    • Informing, training and supporting users with regard to the use of scientific applications and scientific data management
    • Ensuring interconnection and interoperation with larger scale national and international infrastructure
    • Equipment lending (projectors, laptops, etc.)
    • Educational activities / seminars.

    The personnel of the IT Center consist mostly of IT, electrical, computer and communication engineers and scientists (full-time and part-time employees) and undergraduate students (trainees or part-time employees). The Center is funded by the regular budget of the Aristotle University, the Research Committee, European Union programmes, as well as projects regarding the provision of services to third parties of the Greek academic community.

    All members of the Aristotle University (staff and students) are entitled to an Institutional User Account, which provides access to the above services, under specific Terms of Use. More details are available at

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