Centre for Byzantine Research

Georgios Tzetzis

+30 2310992002


  • The Centre for Byzantine Research was founded in 1966 thanks to the initiative taken by a group of professors at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Its aim is to promote the study of Medieval Greek Literature, Byzantine History, Byzantine Archaeology and Art, Byzantine Law, and Byzantine Culture in general, as well as to provide graduates and researchers with sound training in Byzantine studies.

    According to its foundation statute, the Centre fulfills its mission by conducting research programmes, publishing research findings, cooperating with other institutions in Greece and abroad, organizing scholarly meetings, conferences and a library to meet the special needs of the Centre, as well as by publishing the journal Byzantina Symmeikta.

    The Centre for Byzantine Research is administered by a five-member administrative board. The Centre is divided into five departments. Since 1998, the Centre has been housed in the neoclassical building “Melissa” in Vas. Olgas street.

    • Charalampos Kyriazopoulos
    • Chrysoula Nitsiou
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