Department of Studies

Alexandra Tzaneraki

+30 2310 996771, 991372, 994168, 991373, 995132, 996743

  • Mainly, the Department of Studies is responsible for keeping track of all statutes (Laws,  Ministerial and Senate Decrees, Circulars) related to studies/student welfare and coordinating/effecting their uniformal implementation by all Aristotle University Faculties and Schools. It undertakes every administrative process foreseen by current legislation related to studies and also issues pertaining to university grantees and international students.

    Further to its founding purpose as a regulating body for student affairs, the Department has, through Rectorate Authorities’ decisions and initiatives, developed new services in the context of student welfare.

    Therefore, key responsibilities of the Department also include:

    • Coordination and implementation of the Aristotle University Scholarship Programme for undergraduate/postgraduate studies and research and for the summer intensive course in Modern Greek language addressed accordingly to either or both international and registered students.
    • Coordination and implementation of the Aristotle University Faculty Assistance Programme addressed to all full-time registered PhD students.
    • Collection and diffusion of  announcements for scholarships / grants / awards / competitions / internship opportunities / funded workshops, seminars and summer schools, from home or international bodies, both governmental and private and at the same time keeping a reference library for all the above.
    • Collection and management of statistical data with regards to all registered students, per academic year, admission status, level of study, origin (home or international per country), scholarly status. These data can be made available to the services of the Aristotle University and to any external user with a lawfully vested interest, upon consent of the University’s Authorities
    • Coordination of degree verification requests upon the signed consent of the graduate
    • Compilation and updating of the University’s Master and PhD Programmes concise index and of sample drafts for International Joint Master’s Cooperation Agreements and International Joint Supervision PhD dissertations.
    • Accommodation services by open web-based database of apartments/houses/studios for long-term lease and by list-based information on furnished studios for short-term lease (upon request)
    • Aristotle University Information Point for academic affairs and student welfare by participation in home and international university fairs, compilation and editing of student guidebooks and pamphlets, orientation seminars for individual school visits, registration to websites/ portals/ registries addressed to home or international students for studies/scholarships opportunities
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