Payroll Department

Chrysoula Leivadiotou

+30 2310 991350, 995117, 997378, 995295, 995121, 995164, 995127, 991179, 995113

  • Key responsibilities of the Department include:

    • Processing the payroll of all categories of staff employed at the Aristotle University (Research Teaching Personnel, Special Administrative-Technical Personnel, Administrative Personnel, Special Teaching Personnel, Technical Personnel, etc.),
    • Settling issues associated with tenure, promotion, seniority allowances, and other kinds of allowances,
    • issuing certificates,
    • returning – paying sums deducted from the Social Insurance Institute (known in Greek by the acronym IKA),
    • implementing sectoral collective agreements,
    • paying compensation,
    • settling the payroll of students of the Manpower Employment Organization (known in Greek by the acronym OAED), students of Higher Technological Education Institutions and postgraduate students,
    • providing reciprocal scholarships,
    • electronically submitting the deductions of funds and the Analytical Periodic Report of the Social Insurance Institute (ΙΚΑ),
    • distributing end-of-year certificates to the General Secretariat for Information Systems, and
    • providing the data related to the Service Status Cards of employees at retirement age
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