Department of Secretariat of General Directorate of Technical Services and Computerization

Kyriaki Matsouka

+30 2310 996823, 996822, 991399, 996824

  • Key responsibilities of the Department include:

    • handling correspondence, maintaining a register and keeping the archive up to date,
    • monitoring the absorption capacity of credits for the studies and the projects implemented,
    • gathering and reviewing the documents regarding the expenditures, as well as distributing them to the competent service to settle payment issues,
    • publishing calls for tenders and appointing contractors to undertake the works, as well as assigning relevant studies,
    • collecting data and drafting proposals for the Public Investment Programme of the Aristotle University,
    • monitoring the Public Investment Programme, launching tender processes and maintaining a register of all tendering exercises,
    • submitting proposals for the approval of credit to competent university bodies.
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