Faculty of Agriculture Forestry and Natural Environment

Christos Dordas

+30 2310 998778, 998820


  • The Faculty of Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Environment was founded on September 2013 and consists of the School of Agriculture and the School of Forestry and Natural Environment. The two Schools are of the first ones founded in the AUTH, counting a history of approximately 90 years and more than 15000 alumni agronomists. The two Schools with their thriving educational and research activities have contributed significantly to both national economy and rural and forest development of Greece, as well as to the Agricultural and Forestry sciences, Natural Environment and technology worldwide.

    The School of Agriculture consists of five Departments:

    • Crop Production (Field Crops and Ecology, Horticulture and Viticulture and Plant Protection)
    • Animal Production
    • Food Science and Technology
    • Agricultural Economics
    • Hydraulics, Soil Science and Agricultural Engineering

    The School of Forestry and Natural Environment consists of five Departments

    • Harvesting and Technology of Forest Products
    • Range Science and Wildlife – Fresh Water Fisheries
    • Forest and Water Engineering
    • Planning and Development of Natural Resources
    • Forest Production – Forest Protection – Natural Environment

    The two Schools of the Faculty offer:

    • BA Honours in Agriculture and Forestry and Natural Environment after the completion of 10 academic semesters of study.
    • MA and a PhD degrees in their post-Graduate Studies Programme.

    The Faculty is located in the University campus, right in the center of the city; however, a significant part of the scientific and educational activities takes place for the Department of Agriculture in the University farm and for the Department of Forestry and Natural Environment in the “Finikas” area and the “Pertouli” and “Taxiarhis” University forests. For matters related to student registration, academic progress reports, transcripts, annual course registration and so on the students should visit the Faculty and the Schools Offices which are located on the central building in the Campus.

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