Antiquarian Books of the Faculty of Theology

The Library of the Faculty of Theology is one of the most important assets of the university community, which meets the needs of the students and the teaching personnel of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, thanks to its large number of books.
In its two basements, the Library of the Faculty of Theology houses journals, Slavic works and various books arranged in thematic categories, as well as a significant number of antiquarian books (approximately two thousand). Some of these books date back to the 1500s, whereas the newest ones were printed in 1932.
In 1986-87, when some libraries merged, about 500 antiquarian books were gathered, which were catalogued in 1991 under the supervision of and thanks to the initiative taken by the librarian Aikaterini Braniotou. Later, within the framework of studying towards their MA thesis, postgraduate students Ioulia Sideri and Polyxeni Vanou drew up a catalogue which included all the antiquarian books. Courageous attempts were also made to collect and catalogue all the manuscripts, based on the book of Linos Politis (the manuscript catalogue of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki). However, the project of the two students was not completed, as the faculty members failed to deliver the relevant microfilms.

The two thousand antiquarian books which are housed in a room in the first basement of the Faculty of Theology vary in subject matter. If they were divided into thematic categories, these would be:

  • Church History,
  • History of the Greek Revolution,
  • History of Foreign Literature,
  • History of Foreign Countries,
  • History of Philosophy,
  • Philosophy of the Fathers of the Church,
  • Missals (Menologies, Synaxaria),
  • Church Speeches,
  • Speeches of the Fathers of the Church,
  • Reference Books on Religion,
  • the Bible,
  • Law,
  • Canon Law,
  • Dictionaries,
  • Ancient Greek Writers (tragedy, the Homeric epics),
  • Maps
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