Archive of Theatre History

The collections of the School of Drama of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki include a priceless archive of theatre programmes and an archive of newspaper clippings.
The first archive consists of material donated by faculty members of the School of Drama, endowments by theatre lovers of Thessaloniki, and donations by theatre organizations. It includes theatre programmes of private, public and state theatres. The oldest programmes date back to the 1930s. A collection of theatre posters is also part of this archive.

The second archive consists of articles related to the theatre, published in newspapers and magazines of Thessaloniki and Athens. The material in this archive, which dates back to the 1980s, includes a wealth of important interviews by people involved with the theatre (playwrights, directors, actors, choreographers, musicians, translators, etc.), as well as texts of general interest. A great number of theatre reviews, published from 1985 to 2006, has been digitized and is available on the internet.

The archives of the School of Drama also include videos of a great number of theatre performances held in Greece and abroad. The School of Drama aims to compile an archive and establish a museum about the theatrical history of Thessaloniki and has started working to that end.

Taking into consideration the ephemeral nature of theatre, theatre history and its study depend, by definition, on the audiovisual material mentioned above, which presents, although not in detail, the various aspects of a theatre performance.

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