School of Chemistry

Faculty of Sciences

Theodoros Karapantsios

Lydia Stavrakaki

+30 2310997620

  • Chemistry has been one of the courses taught in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki since the School of Physics and Mathematics was founded in 1927.

    Professor Tryphon Karantassis was the first one to teach General Chemistry at the University. Three laboratories were founded in the 1940s, i.e., the Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory, the Organic Chemistry Laboratory and the Physical Chemistry Laboratory. The first professors appointed to supervise the abovementioned laboratories were Constantinos Kavassiadis, Georgios Varvoglis, and Leandros Kapatos respectively. The three laboratories were incorporated into the newly founded School of Chemistry in 1943. The School of Chemistry was part of the School of Physics and Mathematics.

    The abovementioned professors were assisted by Constantinos Vasiliades, Emmanouil Voyatzakis, and Georgios Tsatsaronis, who were the first to teach the Analytical Chemistry Laboratory, and the Inorganic and Organic Chemical Technology Laboratory courses that were introduced later.

    They all committed themselves to organizing the School of Chemistry and promoting teaching and research, and their assistants were later to become professors in the School, playing a key role in its recognition as one of the best Schools of Chemistry in Greece.

    New laboratories have also been founded, such as the Biochemistry Laboratory, the Food Chemistry Laboratory, the Applied Quantum Chemistry Laboratory and the Environmental Pollution Control Laboratory. Thus, the School of Chemistry provides teaching and research training in a wide variety of disciplines related to chemistry.

    • Secretariat: Lydia Stavrakaki

      Τηλ. Επικοινωνίας: +30 2310 997620


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