School of Chemical Engineering

Faculty of Engineering

Stergios Giantsios

Maria Vlachou

+30 2310996186, 996267, 996158

  • The School of Chemical Engineering of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki was founded in 1972, pursuant to decree no. 400/28-6-72.

    Pursuant to changes in education laws, and, in particular, to Law no. 1268/82 (known as the legal framework with regard to Greek universities), the School of Chemical Engineering was divided into four Departments, the teaching staff of which are responsible for the main educational, scientific and research activities carried out at the School. Thus, the School consists of:

    • the Chemistry Department
    • the Analysis, Design and Control of Chemical Processes and Plants Department
    • the Unit Operations and Applied Thermodynamics Department
    • the Technology Department

    Initially, the School was housed in a three-storey building of about 2,650m2, known as building C of the Faculty of Engineering. Today only the Chemistry Department is housed in building C. In 1984, the School was allotted more space, used as offices, on the first three floors of building D of the Faculty of Engineering, as well as space to house its laboratories in the basement of the same building. Its lecture halls are located in the main area of the Faculty of Engineering.

    The School ensures that students acquire subject knowledge and the skills required to apply the basic principles of physics, chemistry, mathematics and technical sciences, as well as those of social economics and the humanities to fields related to matter transformation processes and facilities where matter is processed or treated in the most beneficial (optimal) way in all respects (technical, economic, social). Moreover, students become aware of the necessity to ensure maximum conservation of resources and energy/matter, as well as promoting environmental protection.

    • Secretariat: Maria Vlachou

      Τηλ. Επικοινωνίας: +30 2310996186, 996158, 996267


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