School of Civil Engineering

Faculty of Engineering

Aikaterini Tsikaloudaki

Agapi Katsarou

+30 2310995852

  • Founded in October 1955, the School of Civil Engineering was the first School of the Faculty of Engineering of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. In 1982, it was granted its autonomous status, offering degrees in civil engineering.

    The School aims to provide students with a firm grounding in civil engineering, as well as cultivate a sense of social awareness in all its members, teaching staff and students, based on democratic values, the freedom of ideas and the freedom of expression. Moreover, its main objective is to promote civil engineering and its importance through developmental research programmes, and contribute to the multidimensional growth of Greece as a whole. The School ensures that students are given training on a wide range of topics in civil engineering, qualifying them for employment in related fields of specialization in the public and private sector.

    The friendly coexistence between development and the environment is the guiding principle behind the curriculum of the School of Civil Engineering. Technology should not contribute to overproduction of consumer goods, which results in using up natural resources; instead, it should function as a tool for the rational and efficient organization of society and its institutions, contributing to sustainable development.

    • Secretariat: Agapi Katsarou

      Τηλ. Επικοινωνίας: +30 2310 995852


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