School of Philology

Faculty of Philosophy

Ioanna Karamanou

Georgios Poulios

+30 2310995246, 995232, 995260, 995244

  • The School of Philology is one of the eight schools of the Faculty of Philosophy and consists of three departments:

    • the Department of Classics
    • the Department of Medieval and Modern Greek Studies (MMGS) and
    • the Department of Linguistics.

    The School of Philology offers:

    • BA Honours degree in Philology, with a specialization in (a) Classics, (b) Medieval and Modern Greek Studies, and (c) Linguistics, upon completion of eight semesters of study
    • MA degree, upon completion of four semesters of study, and PhD degree, upon completion of six semesters of study, as part of its graduate studies programme.
    • Secretariat: Georgios Poulios

      Τηλ. Επικοινωνίας: +30 2310 995232, 995233, 995246, 995244, 995260


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