School of Spatial Planning and Development

Faculty of Engineering

Elisavet Thoidou

Georgia Konstantinou

+30 2310991430, 994582, 994179, 995768

  • The School of Spatial Planning and Development focuses on the organization, operation and transformation of space as well as the acquisition of professional competence such that the student will be able to draft plans for spatial interventions including urban and reginal planning, spatial development planning as well as the procedures relating to decision making and public consultation. At the same time, the curriculum will familiarise students with advanced methodological tools and techniques to analyse current situations, to make decisions and write, implement and evaluate programs concerning Spatial Planning and Development.

    In order to reach these objectives the curriculum includes the following: urban planning, spatial planning, physical and human geography, management of geographic information, layout of human activities, spatial development,  transport planning, natural resources management, project management, etc. These fields of study are necessary in the design and implementation of spatial interventions.

    Human activities constantly change how a space is organised. In order to meet the human needs, spatial planning manages prudently the available natural resources and cultural heritage towards the balanced development of the three pillars of sustainability: social justice, economic competitiveness and protection of the environment.

    Spatial Planning and Development studies focus upon a wide range of issues from the small scale of individual settlements to the large scale of interregional projects. The projects assigned within the curriculum will take into account the actual conditions and the real issues that concern the relevant actors, such as competent agencies, social partners and the residents of specific areas, involved in the formulation and implementation of the various kinds of spatial interventions.

    • Secretariat: Georgia Konstantinou

      Τηλ. Επικοινωνίας: +30 2310994179


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