School of Drama

Faculty of Fine Arts

Evangelia Karakosta

Vasiliki Vlachou

+30 2310992122

  • The School of Drama of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki received its first students in 1992, with the aim to promote drama studies and art education in Greece. Given the academic and artistic, theoretical and practical nature of the studies carried out at the School of Drama, theory and practice, as well as science and art are regarded as a whole.

    The research and scientific interests of the faculty members of the School of Drama focus on a wide variety of theories, subjects and disciplines related to drama and theatre, ranging from acting and stage design to directing and theatre architecture, and from ancient Greek theatre and its reception to the 19th and 20th century theatre in Greece and Europe. The School of Drama contributes to the promotion of drama in Greece with publications, performances, research programmes and various art projects carried out by its faculty members and students.

    The School of Drama aims to provide students with extensive theoretical and practical training; thus, students are offered the opportunity to select from a range of core and elective modules (such as theatre history, dramaturgy, performance theory), as well as specialized programmes of studies on various aspects of theatre practice (Acting, Scenography, Directing). Moreover, students are qualified for employment in education.

    Through its teaching and research activities, the School of Drama of the Faculty of Fine Arts contributes to the cultural life of the city of Thessaloniki, creates a learning environment that encourages and reinforces innovation, and promotes cultural events and activities that take place in Thessaloniki and Greece in general.

    • Secretariat: Vasiliki Vlachou

      Τηλ. Επικοινωνίας: +30 2310992122


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