Center of Reeducation and Lifelong Learning

Haralambos Feidas

+30 2310996781

  • Τhe main purpose of the Aristotle University through operating the Lifelong Learning Courses, which were initiated in the spring of 2012, is to cater for the increased needs of the Greek society for training, learning and specialization, especially in our times. Our university has both the scientific manpower and the proper infrastructure required to offer high quality education services to a wide range of people in the country. Through the Lifelong Learning Courses, AUTH contributes effectively to decreasing social isolation in education, modernizing the educational system in our country and upgrading the quality of education, be it formal or informal. Furthermore, by organizing such educational programmes, it aims to expand internationally and become a competitive force in the marketplace of education.
    The Lifelong Learning Courses offered by AUTH operate within a framework that guarantees a high level of education compatible with the role of a public university, as well as the effectiveness, the legitimacy and the validity of the educational services rendered. This framework also ensures the attestation of the certificates, the qualifications and the credits offered upon the completion of the courses.
    The majority of the courses offered are interdisciplinary and they are taught by Faculty Members from different departments of the university, or even, at times, from other universities or research institutes, or by independent instructors. The courses, which, for now, are offered mostly in Greek, are addressed mainly to university graduates aiming to become learned on popular fields of study they haven’t had the chance to acquaint themselves with during their studies. However, there are also programmes aimed at future businesspeople or whoever is interested regardless of their educational background. Our foreign courses are addressed to people of all academic levels

    • Elpis Vianni
    • Areti Malla
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