Centre for Integrated Water Resources Management

  • The Centre for Integrated Water Resources Management was established by the Senate of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki on July 6th, 2011. It operates under the supervision of the members of the Senate of the university.

    The Centre carries out teaching and research activities related to integrated water resources and environmental management, as described below.

    The objectives of the Centre are:

    • Promoting the interdisciplinary study of and research in integrated water resources management, which depends on the interaction among environmental, technical, financial, social and political parameters related to water. Integrated water resources management demands the cooperation among and the contribution of different areas of technological and natural sciences.
    • Developing and promoting practices, policy making for integrated water resources management, with the aim to implement a solid, comprehensive and holistic water management approach.
    • Transferring know-how and new methods, practices and tools for integrated water resources management.
    • Providing undergraduate and postgraduate students with training and research in water resources management, in collaboration with relevant faculties and schools of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

    The overall goals of the Centre are:

    • Conducting basic and applied research, providing systematic study programmes, training and consulting services, as well as lifelong learning in integrated water resources management and environmental protection.
    • Developing activities for training workshops, informing, disseminating know-how with regards to integrated water resources management and environmental protection in Greece and in other countries.
    • Promoting international projects and participating in international scientific networks and events, which meet the needs of the Centre and promote cooperation among countries with a different level of social and economic development, with the aim to stress the importance of cooperation and the need for interstate and international agreements on water management.
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