Mount Olympus Meteorological Stations

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  • The two meteorological stations are located on Mount Olympus and are part of the Department of Meteorology and Climatology of the School of Geology, AUTh:

    1. Olympus Science Centre (O.S.C.) The Science Centre is located on the Agios Antonios peak, Mount Olympus (latitude 40° 3′ N, longitude 22° 21′ E, height 2817 m). The Alpine Meteorological Station has been in operation since 1963, but operates only in the summer. Until 1984 it was run by faculty members of the Department of Meteorology and Climatology. Since then, efforts have been made to run the station automatically. However, adverse weather conditions (storms, thunder, etc.) disrupt its normal operation. The building where the Olympus Science Centre is housed was built within the framework of the “Mt. Olympus Cumulus Project,” funded by the Scientific Affairs division of NATO (Grant no. 131). It is the highest alpine meteorological station in southeastern Europe and the Mediterranean.
    2. Army Training Centre of Mountain Combat and Ski (A.T.C.M.C.S.): Weather conditions at the Station of the A.T.C.M.C.S. (latitude 40° 3′ N, longitude 22° 21′ E, height 1850 m) are milder compared to those experienced at the Olympus Science Centre and, thus, it operates smoothly and on a regular basis. 
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