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  • The Student Club is a legal entity of public law, and is part of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Its facilities are located on the eastern side of the campus. The Student Club can be accessed from the entrance in Nea Egnatia Street or from the entrance in 3rd September Street. The facilities include one of the largest refectories in north Greece, medical service and a snack bar. The Student Club provides students of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki with food, accommodation and medical care.

    Food Services

    There are two big refectories which seat 1,000 and 500 students respectively, whereas two smaller refectories seat members of the personnel of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

    The University Student Club also provides food services for students of the School of Fine Arts, the facilities of which are located in Thermi and Stavroupoli, students of the School of Urban-Regional Planning and Development Engineering in Veria, students of the School of Physical Education and Sports Science in Serres and Thermi, as well as for students who attend the clinics of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

    During the summer, the Student Club offers food services to students of the Faculty of Forestry and Natural Environment who participate in practical field training at the University Forest in Pertouli, Trikala, and at the University Forest in Taxiarchis, Chalkidiki, as well as catering for the Kalandra University Camp.

    Today, the Student Club is able to provide up to 15,000 meals per day. Food services are offered free of charge  to undergraduate and postgraduate students, who have not been awarded a degree from another Higher Education Institution (University or Technological Education Institution), and they, or their parents, are not high-income earners (as shown on their tax return), to Greek expatriates, to Cypriots, and to other categories of students.

    Our university offers to all affiliated (exchange or full time) foreign students free meals (lunch and supper during work days and only lunch during weekends) at the University Student Club. The Students’ restaurant is open throughout the academic year (from mid September to the end of June), every day from Monday to Sunday.

    For that service, students have to submit to the Meals Service of the University Students’ Club the relevant certificate obtained upon their registration, their student Academic Identification Card and one photograph. For more information about the issuance of the Academic Identification Card students should contact their School’s Registrar’s Office.

    Medical Services

    The University Student Club covers medical care costs and hospital costs of the students of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Its facilities also house a consultation room which is open on working days from 8.00am to 15.00pm, as well as a counseling and psychiatric service that is available to all students free of charge. 

    Catering Services

    The University Student Club offers catering services to events held on campus. So far, it has provided services to conferences, seminars, workshops, festivals, opening ceremonies, etc. Its aim is to continue to provide high quality services.

    The Student Club also supports the organization of artistic, cultural, and sports events. A music club, with a choir, and a photography club are also part of the Aristotle University Student Club.

    Its building facilities house the Career Services Office, as well as the Student Counselling Service.

    Useful Phone Numbers: 
    Food Services Office: +30 2310 992623
    Medical Service: +30 2310 992642
    Catering Service: +30 2310 992608

    • Christos Dimitriadis
    • Eirini Christoforidou
    • Stella Xenita
    • Garyfalia Kapistra
    • Alexandros Tsivos
    • Zoi Prodromou
    • Anna Katoufa
    • Ioannis Kapsachatis
    • Georgios Marigas
    • Konstantinos Masmanidis
    • Angelos Michos
    • Marios Filippidis
    • Georgios Chatzimichailidis
    • Alexandra Samara
    • Christos Mantsos
    • Panagiota Zania
    • Evanthia Skarpou
    • Elisavet Patsiaoura
    • Elisavet Mavromichali
    • Antonios Antoniadis
    • Georgia Panagiotidou
    • Apostolos Konstantakis
    • Anastasios Papadopoulos
    • Maria Koutzi
    • Chrysobalantis Zervos
    • Konstantinos Tsivoulis
    • Anna Emmanouilidou
    • Malamatenia Kamarianou
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