Faculty of Health Sciences

Theodoros Dardavesis

+30 2310.999.220


  • The Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) was established on 05.06.2013, as part of : (1) the  “ATHENA” reform act  of Higher Educational Institutions, (2) the proposal of the Senate of AUTH (Reg. meeting 2856/6-3-2013) and (3) the Presidential Decree 98/2013 (Government Gazette 134/5-6 to 2013, vol. A’). The FHS encompasses the Schools of Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy.

    Objectives of the Faculty: With the implementation of innovative curricula, the FHS provides an education that integrates formal “classroom” knowledge with clinical experience and thereby prepares students for all career options in medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry and pharmacy. In specific:

    • It provides integrated education in medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry and pharmacy, at the undergraduate, postgraduate, and professional training levels.
    • It promotes basic, applied, and translational research in the fields of health promotion, disease prevention diagnosis and treatment.
    • It fosters international collaborations in research and education.
    • In addition to its academic and research missions, the FHS medical also provides highly skilled clinical care services to the community of Thessaloniki and Northern Greece.
    • Finally, it is the objective of the FHS to act as a consultant on matters of health and health policy to Health Services and the State.

    Location: The FHS is located on the campus of AUTH.  Its premises also include the following hospitals: AHEPA, Genimatas, Hippokration, Papageorgiou, Papanikolaou, the Psychiatric Hospital and the Hospital for Venereal and Skin Diseases. Finally, the Clinics of the School of Veterinary Medicine are located at Voutira Street and at the farm of Kolchiko in Lagadas.

    Academic Management (Deanery): The present deanery of the FHS comprises of Prof. Theodoros Dardavesis (Dean), Prof. Asterios Karagiannis (Head of the School of Medicine), Prof. Nikolaos Papaioannou (Head of the School of Veterinary Medicine), Prof. Lambros Zouloumis (Head of the School of Dentistry) and Prof. Dimitra Chatzipavlou-Litina (Head of the School of Pharmacy).

    Goals of the Deanery: The present Deanery is the second to be elected after the educational reform introduced by Law 4009/2011 for Higher Education
    Its mission will be to oversee the transition of the FHS towards achieving its objectives of excellence in research and education.
    Working with transparency, meritocracy and justice, it will ensure the continuous improvement of education, the development of interdisciplinary research partnerships, and will seek external research funding.
    However, in order to achieve its goals, the legal framework for the operation of universities will need to be stabilized and financial resources will need to be increased.

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