Faculty of Social and Economics Sciences

Nikolaos Varsakelis

Georgia Kotsia

+30 2310996483, 996530, 996524


  • The School of Political and Economic Sciences was one of the first academic units that marked the foundation of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in 1925. It started to operate in the academic year 1928-9 within the Faculty of Law and Economic Sciences. According to the reform of the disciplines in 1971, Political Science was incorporated in the School of Law, while Economic Sciences constituted the focus of the School of Economics.

    In 1999, the School of Political Sciences was founded, being the third School of the Faculty of Law, Economic and Political Sciences, which, following the academic restructuring of 2013, transformed into the Faculty of Economic and Political Sciences consisting of the School of Economic Sciences, the one of Political Sciences and the School of Journalism & Mass Media.

    The Faculty of Economic and Political Sciences includes scientific fields that address the three key concerns of our future, locally and regionally, European-wide and globally:

    1. the issue of production, expanding in the dimension of qualitative specialization and differentiation (rather than scale) and ensuring social and environmental sustainability;
    2. information that needs to be made accessible and useful, not manipulable and blabbering and
    3. finally the issue of the legalization of power and authority that can only be democratic, in all socio-economic areas and levels, using effectively the modern technological advancements.

    Each of the three Schools of our Faculty deals with the above mentioned concerns, as they penetrate our three disciplines horizontally, shaping not only the possibility but even more the need for their creative co-completion, preserving at the same time the necessary scientific autonomy of each school, as this is what the contemporary spectrum of social knowledge demands.

    We welcome and invite you to the website of the Faculty of Economics and Political Science of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki – http://www.eps.auth.gr/el – where we offer useful, specific information on the identity of the Faculty, the curricula, the academic and research work of its members, the actions and initiatives realized by our Schools.

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