Lifelong Learning Unit: Summer School Course “Learning about Orthodox Theology – Past and Present”

Aristotle University’s School of Theology offers, within the framework of the University’s Lifelong Learning Unit, an introductory course to Orthodox Tradition under the title “Learning about Orthodox Theology – Past and Present”.

The aim of the program is to provide an acquaintance with the Orthodox theological tradition, through the use of a diachronic and synchronic approach to Hermeunetics, Dogmatics, Patristics, Ethics, and Church History, concluding to an examination of the Orthodox witness in today’s world. This includes the Patristic Legacy and interpretation in today’s cultural context; Biblical Hermeneutics according to the Patristic tradition in comparison to modern hermeneutical methods; Dogmatic teaching of the Church and creative dialogue with the philosophical thought and the culture; Pluralism, social evolution, and the Orthodox Church; The ethical dimension of the ecological crisis; Bioethical issues; the Christian Homiletic tradition; and, Orthodox Churches in the Ecumenical movement.

The course is offered in English and addresses to members of Christian or other faith traditions who wish to gain a global picture of the Orthodox theological tradition and the dynamic approach of Orthodox societies to the modern world.

DATE: 1-19 JULY 2013


Application deadline: June 25, 2013.

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                        The Chairman  of                                                       The Director of the Program

                 the Lifelong Learning Unit                                                                      

                        Prof  St. Andreou                                                                 Prof D. Koukoura

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