Hardware Security and Safety of IC Chips

In the frame of Erasmus+ International program

The Electronics Laboratory of the Dept. of Electrical and Computer
Engineering in the frame of our Erasmus+ International agreement with the
Kobe University, Japan, is inviting you in the lectures of Prof. Makoto
, Kazuki Monta and Prof. Alkis Hatzopoulos.
The lectures will be given on:
Thursday, June 30, 2022, at 10:30 -13:00
in the classroom 8 of the ECE teaching halls, Faculty of Engineering,
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
The topics of the lectures will be:
1) Prof. Makoto Nagata, Graduate School of System Informatics, Kobe University:
Hardware Security and Safety of IC Chips.
IC chips are key enablers of smartly networked society and need to be more compliant to security and safety.
Semiconductor products for autonomous vehicles abide stringent regulations and requirements. In parallel to circuits
and systems developments that designers visibly engage toward the performance and functionality of such products,
the countermeasure tricks are proactively exploited against spontaneous disturbances within IC chips and even
intentional attacks by an adversary.
This talk will start from Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) techniques of IC chips on the safety side, toward EMC
aware design, analysis and implementation. Then, the challenges will be discussed about the design of IC chips for the
higher level of hardware security (HWS). Crypto-based secure IC chips are investigated to avoid the risks of side-channel
leakages and side-channel attacks, with the Si demonstrators that utilize analog techniques to protect digital
functionality. The EMC and HWS disciplines are bridged from the electromagnetic (EM) standpoint to establish the
design principles of IC chips toward security and safety.
2) Kazuki Monta: Testing Embedded Toggle Pattern Generation Through On-Chip IR
Drop Monitoring
Under the collaborative research between AUTh and Kobe Univ., I have been continuing the exploration of power
noise analysis of integrated circuits (ICs) during IC-test. The talk will present an IR-drop-based toggle diagnosis
technique which is important in recent IC-test.
3) Prof. Alkis Hatzopoulos: Circuit design, testing, and modelling
The talk will present an overview of the main research topics of the Electronics Laboratory and will give special focus
on the topics related to the cooperation with the University of Kobe.
The lectures will be in English. There will be live webcasting and recording of the event.
Prof. Alkis Hatzopoulos, tel. +302310 996305, 2310 996221, alkis@ece.auth.gr

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