Participation in International Organizations, Unions and University Networks

The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki is a member of the following Organizations, Unions, and University Networks:

  1. ΙΑU - International Association of Universities
  2. EUA - European Universities Association
  3. CMU - Community of Mediterranean Universities
  4. EAIE - European Association for International Education
  5. ESMU - European Center for Strategic Management of Universities
  6. Balkan Universities Network  
    To Πρωτόκολλο:  Balkan Universities Network , Protocol Statue   Balkan Universities Association 2015
  7. EMUNI (Euro-Mediterranean University)
  8. European University Center at Peking University    Cooperation Protocol
  9. EUPRIO - European Universities Information & Relations Office
  10. Utrecht Network
  11. European Language Council
  12. EAN - European Access Network
  13. World Association for the History of Veterinary Medicine
  14. TIME - Top Industrial Managers for Europe
  15. TII - Technology Innovation International
  16. ERA-MORE - European Network of Mobility Centers
  18. A.D.E.E. - Association for Dental Education in Europe
  19. C.I.P.A. – International Scientific Committee for Documentation of Cultural Heritage
  20. E.E.G.E.C.S. - Network on European Education in Geodetic Engineering, Cartography and Surveying
  21. CESAER - Conference of European Schools for Advanced Engineering, Education and Research
  22. SEFI - Société Européenne pour la Formation des Ingénieurs (European Society for Engineering Education)
  23. Network of Excellence. New Global Migration Flows and European Institutional Response
  24. E.C.P.R. - ESU European Consortium for Political Research- European Summer University
  25. ELIA - European League of Institutes of the Arts
  26. TREE - Teaching and Research in Engineering in Europe
  27. RMEI – Réseau Méditerranéen des Écoles d’Ingénieurs
  28. ATHENS Network
  29. European Language Council/Conseil Européen pour les Langues (ELC/CEL)
  30. Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF)
  31. International Geothermal Center 
  32. TETHYS Euro-Mediterranean Universities Consortium,
  33. RURSE - Regional Unit for integrated risk and security Management for South East Europe,
  34. CHERNE Network - Cooperation for Higher Education on Radiological & Nuclear Engineering,
  35. Paul Ehrlich MedChem Euro-Phd Network,
  36. SEENET - MTP- Southeastern European Network in Matematical and Theoritical Physics,
  37. Pontignano Sustainability Institute - Siena Sustainability Network (NeSS),
  38. UNITOWN - UNIVERSITY TOWN NETWORK, University of Ferrara - Italy,
  39. CUAM - University Consortium Africa and Mediterranean,
  40. BSUN - Black Sea Universities Network,
  41. COST - European Cooperation in the field of Scientific and Technical Research, a)MPNS COST Action,, b) ESSEM COST Action,   c) MPNS COST Action,
  42. EUNIS - European University Information Systems Organization,
  43. EJTA - European Journalism Training Association,
  45. ECTN - European Chemistry Thematic Network,
  46. Magna Charta Observatory,
  47. European University Foundation - Campuis Europaw,
  48. ASECU - Association of Economic Universities of South and Eastern Europe and the Black Sea Region,
  49. Student Chapter of the Society of Economic Geologists at AUTh,
  50. EAEVE - European Association of the Establishments for Veterinary Education,
  51. EUGENE - EUropean and Global ENgineering Education,
  52. ICLARS,
  53. Society for the Law of the Eastern Churches,
  54. Consociatio Internationalis Studio luris Canonici Promovento,
  55. IUFRO - International Union of Forest Research Organization,
  56. EUFORGEN - European Forest Genetic Resources Network,
  57. IFLA - International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions,
  58. LIBER - Association of European Research Libraries,
  59. AESOP - Association of European Schools of Planning,
  60. ALERT - Geomaterials (Alliance in Europe for Education Research and Technology),
  61. AECEF - Association of European Civil Engineering Faculties,
  62. Water Footprint Network,
  63. Greek National Network SDSN-Greece,   Secretariat:
  64.  Black Sea & Eastern Mediterranean Academic Network – BSEMAN
  65. Scholars’ at Risk Network,
  66. World Tourism Organization (UNWTO),
  67. The Silk and The Road Universities Network,
  68. Giovani nel Mondo,

Student Unions

  1. A.I.E.S.E.C. - Association Internationale des Etudiants en Sciences Economiques et Commerciales
  2. IAESTE - The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience
  3. B.E.S.T. - Board of European Students of Technology
  4. HelMSIC - Ελληνική Επιτροπή Διεθνών Σχέσεων & Ανταλλαγών Φοιτητών Ιατρικής
  5. AEGEE- European Students Forum
  6. ACM,
  7. ELSA,
  8. ESN,
  9. IEEE,
  10. P.A.N.D.O.R.A.,
  11. ODAK,
  12. LEGIS - Legal Aspects of Information Society,
  13. COMVOS,
  14. GnM Association - International Career Festival
  15. IVSA, International Veterinary Students' Association,
  16. SDSN Youth,


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